UROAST BEAN IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD. was established in 2019, we bring a lot of premium coffee bean products from green bean to roasted bean with all the products range we assure that the high premium standard coffee bean with screen 16/18 both Arabica and Robusta, will meet the high end user as well as committed the change the perception of the way drinking coffee from the concept of coffee to real test of premium coffee.


  • We maintain high standard coffee bean with 16/18 screen both Arabica and Robusta
  • Provide sustainable coffee bean and supply to all customers with friendly aspect.
  • To let customer experience the real test of coffee with premium quality
  • Change the people life style of the way they drink coffee with a better test


  • To set and maintain the highest standard of quality and ethics in everything we do
  • To provide perfect, delicious coffee products and excellent, reliable services to our customers
  • To earn the trust of our customers, employees, partners and our community and to contribute to good development and prosperity
  • To inspire and to connect people


  • Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Excellence
  • To be open minded, to listen, to care and to be pro-active
  • To be innovative and pragmatic


  • To be established and trusted as the perfect coffee business partner
  • To be a leader in innovation, service and quality
  • To be changing the way of drinking coffee to the real test.
  • To be among the most admired and respected companies in our industry
  • To be the leader in our markets